Erik Brickarp

Coach | Agilist | Leader

Who I am

People > Technology

My passion has always been the human mind. First I focused on my own, trying to understand the ins and outs of why I think, behave and react in certain ways and how to improve that. As I got older my focus gradually switched outwards to people in general. Today I describe my drive as "facilitating human growth"; I want to understand what makes people the best version of themselves and how to help them get there.

With all that being said: I'm an engineer and I still have a sound understanding of technology. Overall I'm not against working with technology but people need to be the main focus for me to be engaged.

Social fit

I'm a positive, high energy person that gets noticed in a group. I like being the center of attention but in that role I'm more of a "facilitator of communication" rather than an "all eyes on me" kind of person. I create communities and help people speak with other people.

My social trademark is to be outspoken but still make very few enemies.

What I can do

Manage People

Manage Testing

Agile Coach

Lead Change Programs

Lead Communities of Practice


Test Coaching

Full reference


2021-Group Manager at Veoneer
2020-2021Agile Coach at Veoneer/Arriver
2016-2020Test Coach and Tech Coach at Verisure Innovation
2015-2016Test Expert and Product Owner at Zenterio (via House of Test)
2014-2015Teacher at EC Vocational University (via House of Test)
2013-2014Software Tester at Verisure Innovation
2007-2013Software Tester at Ericsson
2004-2007Graduated as Electronics Engineer at JTH
2003-2004Military Service, final rank: First Sergeant

Courses and Education

2021ICF Accredited Diploma in Coaching
2019Coaching Leadership
2018The 3 Pillars of Leadership
2017Lean Change Management
2017Linköping's Continuous Delivery workshop
2017Software Center's Test Automation workshop
2015Problem Solving Leadership
2014, 2013Let's Test
2013-Transpection Tuesday with Helena Jeret-Mäe
2012Invited to SWET 4
2012Rapid Software Testing
2008Intermediate Java at Init

Public Speaker

2014-2022Teacher, later guest speaker at EC Education (vocational university)
2017-2019Speaker exchange programs with Axis, Nethouse and SilverSpin
2019, 2014Speaker at DevLin
2018, 2017, 2015Speaker at Nordic Testing Days, Tallinn
2016Speaker at PEST
2016Speaker at Let's Test, Stockholm
2015Speaker at SAST Örebro
2015Speaker at CAST, Grand Rapids MI
2014Speaker at SWET 7
2013Speaker at CAST, Madison WI
2013-Speaker at ConTest
2006-2007Student Ambassadeur at JTH


2021Co-started TorsdagsTrivsel
2019Organizer of SMELL
2019Organized an RST follow up
2018Organizer of a private tester event with James Bach
2017Organizer of SWET 8
2016Co-started TestSverige (currently 850 members)
2016Organizer of SWETish
2012-Speaker/organizer of EAST events
2001-2006Board member in Mojn LAN Organizing


2019Wrote an 18 articles long series about my own learning process
2014Competed in Software Testing World Cup, my team finished 3rd in Europe
2014Hand-picked for a test management education program
2013Hand-picked for Rich Robinson's Miagi Do test lead challenge
2012Wrote my first wide spread "tech article"
2011-2012Board member in Apellunden, Local housing society
2005-2007Leader for JTH's student soccer and volleyball

Risks and opportunities

Limited patience


Open personality

Smile & Laugh

Quick facts

LanguagesSwedish, English, Tech, Corporate
HomeLinköping, Sweden
Driver's licenceSwedish standard driver's license
ProgrammingHTML/JS/CSS, Java, PHP, MySQL, C#, Python, Assembler...
Spare timeThree kids (born 2010-2013), disc golf, board games, badminton, programming, psychology, NHL